Warming hands that are hard at work.

G-Tech works wonders with the workforce.


Trusted by the workforce.

We believe that G-Tech products can provide a great benefit to all kinds of workers and can result in significant cost savings for large employers with outdoor workforces.

Recently, our products were used in an independent study by Caliber Planning, an accredited Health and Safety consulting company. The results over a 30-day test period showed improvements in Productivity and Efficiencies, Worker Health and Safety, and Employee Retention.

Plus, all G-Tech products are available with an upgraded weather resistant and fire retardant exterior.

I ordered one for my son who was in middle school football a year or so ago. Now in high school he just started using it and absolutely loves it in these freezing cold New England days. He is a QB. In fact all his teammates now want one. Just a quick note of thanks and praise for a great hand warmer that is immensely appreciated. Thank you!” ~ Christian Young, Connecticut







G-Tech Gives Back

Our company as a whole is dedicated to giving back and making an impact in our communities.

We strive to cultivate a passionate culture of caring and service within our organization. With this in mind we have developed the G-Tech Gives Back initiative.

  • Portion of sales going to breast cancer research
  • Free product for underprivileged youth sports teams
  • Free product for kids cancer hospitals
  • Portion of sales going to Raynaud’s Association
  • Charitable partnerships
  • Portion of military product sales go to wounded veterans

30-day money back guarantee.

If the heat doesn’t make you happy, we’ll return your money. No sweat!

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Enjoy a simple monthly payment system at 0% APR, available with affirm.

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