Staying cozy in camo.

G-Tech has officially been military approved.


Trusted by medical professionals.

G-Tech has partnered with Berry Compliant Military manufacturer, Tactical Tailor in Seattle, USA, to upgrade their line of hand warmers to satisfy the requirements of the American Military Special Forces.

The upgraded military grade G-Tech product comes in military camo colours and features a highly advanced weather resistant and fire retardant exterior.

All I can say is; I wish I had this product when I was an active member of the US Special Forces.

During my 3 tours in Afghanistan, we spent countless hours in the cold doing recon work. With our top of the line equipment, we managed to keep our bodies warm. However, we all struggled with keeping our hands warm. This product is an absolute game changer for our troops and has many applications, in all facets of the D.O.D. From the Navy, to the Boots on the ground, everyone needs this product while doing what we do in colder climates.”

~ G.W Ayers,

VP of Tactical Tailor







G-Tech Gives Back

Our company as a whole is dedicated to giving back and making an impact in our communities.

We strive to cultivate a passionate culture of caring and service within our organization. With this in mind we have developed the G-Tech Gives Back initiative.

  • Portion of sales going to breast cancer research
  • Free product for underprivileged youth sports teams
  • Free product for kids cancer hospitals
  • Portion of sales going to Raynaud’s Association
  • Charitable partnerships
  • Portion of military product sales go to wounded veterans

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