A warm addition to an incurable condition.

G-Tech is the top pick for Raynaud’s patients.


Trusted by medical professionals.

G-Tech products can also be beneficial for: Arthritis, Diabetes, for patients undergoing Cancer treatments and potentially many more medical applications.

Did you know that up to 20 percent of the global population has Raynaud’s? It’s an incurable disease that causes an interruption of blood flow to the fingers and toes, causing extreme discomfort, discolouration, and loss of dexterity over the course of the attack.

G-Tech hand warmers have been proven to provide patients suffering with these symptoms with immediate relief. But rather than taking our word for it, check out what the Raynaud’s Association said in their review of our Hand Warmers and Heated Hoodie products, here.

Playing with fire. “First time using the G-Tech product.

Our players loved it! No other hand warmer on the market can get hands warmed instantly with a push of a button and remain hot all game. What was key for the QB was the dry heat for our QB to grip the ball. Normal hand warmers often get too hot and cause hands to sweat. Great product, instant heat with a touch of a button, and great battery life. Highly recommend the product in any cold weather conditions.” – Thomas Arguello, ~ Associate Director of Equipment, UC Davis







G-Tech Gives Back

Our company as a whole is dedicated to giving back and making an impact in our communities.

We strive to cultivate a passionate culture of caring and service within our organization. With this in mind we have developed the G-Tech Gives Back initiative.

  • Portion of sales going to breast cancer research
  • Free product for underprivileged youth sports teams
  • Free product for kids cancer hospitals
  • Portion of sales going to Raynaud’s Association
  • Charitable partnerships
  • Portion of military product sales go to wounded veterans

30-day money back guarantee.

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