A little sunshine goes a long way

We love hearing how G-Tech is changing the lives of so many customers for so many reasons.

“First time using the G-Tech product. Our players loved it!

No other hand warmer on the market can get hands warmed instantly with a push of a button and remain hot all game. What was key for the QB was the dry heat for our QB to grip the ball. Normal hand warmers often get too hot and cause hands to sweat. Great product, instant heat with a touch of a button, and great battery life. Highly recommend the product in any cold weather conditions.” – Thomas Arguello, Associate Director of Equipment, UC Davis

Playing With Fire.

Finally Optimistic About Winter

“With all the negativity in the world, I want to pass some positive on to you and your company. I have a severe case of Raynaud’s. I found your product on the Raynaud’s site and decided to give it a try. It works amazing. The only way to keep my hands warm is to have a heat source for the warmth to radiate from. I have never found any gloves/mittens that will work - there has to be physical heat coming from something. This works amazing!! Thank you for some hope for warmer hands this upcoming winter season!!! It is MUCH appreciated!!” – Darci Schipnewski, Raynaud’s

The trick up a young QB’s sleeve.

“I ordered one for my son who was in middle school football a year or so ago. Now in high school he just started using it and absolutely loves it in these freezing cold New England days. He is a QB. In fact all his teammates now want one. Just a quick note of thanks and praise for a great hand warmer that is immensely appreciated. Thank you!” – Christian Young, Connecticut

One winter golfer’s game changer.

“I purchased the G-Tech hand warmers just over a year ago for golfing during the winter months due to a heart problem that limits my circulation. I absolutely love the warmers as they take the 'sting' out of cold weather golfing, no more sitting on my hands to warm them. I can see limitless opportunities for this product. I wish I had these during my hunting and fishing days. Not all manufactured products are without issue. I have found G-Tech to be the best in customer service that I have encountered in my 62 years. No hassle resolution with product support and very prompt responses. In my opinion G-Tech could teach a great many other companies and corporations how to interact with customers when problems arise as they too often do.”

– George McGibbon, Half Moon Bay, BC

Two toasty thumbs up.

"The G-Tech Hand Warmer has become an essential part of my filmmaking pack. Since there is no easy way to operate a professional camera while wearing gloves, frozen hands become part of life during outdoor filming. The G-Tech hand warmer gives my hands a wonderful sense of warmth and relief from the cold. I am attached at the hip to it, literally, during every shoot. It is an absolute game changer for filmmaking outdoors.”

– Stephen Coleman, Project Cold Days

Improved dexterity on cold days

For our Calgary Meter Reading crew, the G-Tech hand warmer has been a real safety asset that we have added in the last year. The Calgary weather can change at any moment and with the winds picking up unexpectedly, having the hand warmer cinched around the waist can give the staff the added warmth they need anytime during the day. Kelly who has been on the beat for 12 years says “I wish they came out with this product earlier. It not only warms my hands, but the pouch also keeps my core warm. Definitely my go to work equipment when it’s below -10C”. The staff enter reads into a handheld computer and need the dexterity of their fingers to press the small buttons. When we first were introduced to this product we were hoping to help the staff stay warm, what we found was a multi-purpose piece of equipment that keeps our field staff warm and able to function safer at the lower temperatures.” – Colin Baustad, Team Lead Meter Reading, ENMAX Power Corp

G-Tech Gives Back

Our company as a whole is dedicated to giving back and making an impact in our communities.

We strive to cultivate a passionate culture of caring and service within our organization. With this in mind we have developed the G-Tech Gives Back initiative.

  • Portion of sales going to breast cancer research
  • Free product for underprivileged youth sports teams
  • Free product for kids cancer hospitals
  • Portion of sales going to Raynaud’s Association
  • Charitable partnerships
  • Portion of military product sales go to wounded veterans

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