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Developed with superior precision, quality, and care, G-Tech offers revolutionary portable hand warmth, faster and more efficiently than any other product like it.

By heating your hands with our patented Therma-Grip Technology internal grab bar, circulation is immediately improved, starting at the fingers and spreading to the core, quickly increasing overall body temperature.

After 6 months with a team of electrical engineers and product designers at MIT, the perfect hand warming technology was born. Discover what powers our innovative line of hoodies and hand warmers below.

Patented Therma-Grip Technology

Heated internal grab bar provides direct and instantaneous heat to your hand. By heating the hands, and improving the blood circulation, you can in turn heat your entire core.

Hydro-Thermal Moisture Wicking*

Created with the most extreme outdoor weather conditions in mind, our Hydro-Thermal fabric is not only water resistant, but traps heat 50% better than cotton.

*Hydro-Thermal hoodies only

Heat Capture Technology

To maximize efficiency, and to trap heat within the pouch when your hands are in use, simply press down on the cuffs and let our Heat Capture fabric do the rest.

Three Thermadjust Heat Settings

Easily cycle between three different settings with a click of our Signature LED Control button, and enjoy the highest heat levels on the market.

100% heat output

50% heat output

25% heat output

Machine Washable

Both our cotton and Hydro-Thermal hoodies are fully machine washable. Simply take out the battery, wash and dry on delicate settings, and you’re good to go.

Advanced Upgrades

Weather resistant exterior, which can be upgraded even further for industrial or military use.

Fastest Heat Up Time

Fasted time to heat and the hottest heat levels on the market.

Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Stay warm for up to 6 hours with the highest battery life on the market with out compact lithium rechargeable batteries. And recharge the unit in just X hours.

Smart Phone Control

Mobile app available for Apple and Samsung products.

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When my fingers get cold, I lose connection with the ball. The G-Tech hand warmer keeps my hands warm in all weather conditions there is nothing else like it.” ~ Bo Levi Mitchell

G-Tech Gives Back

Our company as a whole is dedicated to giving back and making an impact in our communities.

We strive to cultivate a passionate culture of caring and service within our organization. With this in mind we have developed the G-Tech Gives Back initiative.

  • Portion of sales going to breast cancer research
  • Free product for underprivileged youth sports teams
  • Free product for kids cancer hospitals
  • Portion of sales going to Raynaud’s Association
  • Charitable partnerships
  • Portion of military product sales go to wounded veterans

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